Supported Living Services

The purpose of the MACL’s Supported Living Services is to assist those with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible within our community. Supported persons who have an ability to meet their basic needs with regards to health and safety, are matched with a staff person who will support them in the areas of daily life and self-care skills, home maintenance, and social integration. Support staff also provides a crucial monitoring service to ensure health and safety needs are met and supported.

The average number of hours a person served in the Supported Living Service program receives is from five to seven per week. If a supported person requires daily support, or more than 12-14 hours per week of support, a more comprehensive service may be needed.

Some of the areas Individuals receiving this service can be supported include:

  • Assistance with medical appointments and planning.
  • Support to plan meals and buy food/other necessities.
  • Assistance with budgeting, personal banking, and other financial issues.
  • Support with BC Housing and/or landlord and building requirements.
  • Resources for community-based social programs.
  • Support to find appropriate housing.

Services are available by referral from Community Living British Columbia. Private support arrangements are also available. (Fee for Service)  Supports may be of a temporary, short-term, long-term or life long nature.

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How to Apply