Dr. Lucas Memorial Award

Congratulations to Jonathan Hwang, winner of the 2016 Dr. Lucas Award!

  • Dr. Lucas was an optometrist in Mission and the parent of two sons, one with a developmental disability. At a time when few resources existed for parents, Dr. Lucas never gave up on pursuing his own personal vision of “community living” for his son. He was an inspiration to others as he, despite great challenges, returned his son to Mission from a lower mainland institution. He expected his son to be given every opportunity to lead as full a life as possible, and determinedly set out to make it happen. In one of his final acts of love and concern, he broke new ground by setting up a financial trust to benefit his son in perpetuity. A volunteer and philanthropist, Dr. Lucas  is remembered via this special MACL award. Each year a Selection Committee of the Board of Directors of MACL chooses a person(s) for the Dr. Lucas Memorial Award. The award goes to the nominated person or person(s) who have through their actions in community best exemplified our vision…
    Our vision is an inclusive and caring community where each person has choices, opportunities and a fulfilling quality of life.

    Recipients of this prestigous award are people who strive to improve the lives of adults with a developmental disability and children who require extra support.