Home Share Contractors

Home Share Contractors share our commitment to fully inclusive community living.  They understand that this is a lifestyle choice, not a job.  There is no eight hour shift and then a return to their families and homes.  All family members must be open to the changes that home share requires.  Our contractors provide safe home like environments that meets all applicable safety standards.  Home share contractors are independent contractors and are not employees of MACL.

The interview and assessment process consists of:

  • an extensive screening process,
  • a detailed written application,
  • self assessment,
  • home study process,
  • physicians clearance,
  • criminal record search,
  • completion of personal and professional reference
  • home safety check.

Information and an application from MACL can be obtained by calling (604)826-9080 ex. 226, or emailing nathan.murdoch@macl.bc.ca