Code of Ethical Conduct

MACL_image (57)Here at MACL, we begin each new year by renewing our commitment to our Ethical Code of Conduct. It is this policy that identifies our vision, mission & values. Our Ethical Code of Conduct outlines our service delivery and workplace culture. It identifies our values and describes how these values will guide our conduct as staff, volunteers or contractors. The act of signing is our way of saying “yes, we agree to be part of creating this culture”. Our values guide conversations and anchor the decisions we make.

POLICY: MACL has been Mission’s most trusted provider of Community Living services for 60 years. As we look to the future, we know that each of us, through our actions, has the power to improve our workplace, build the trust of the families and people we serve, and enhance our reputation. We believe that certain principles and values must guide our actions and relationships with each other. As employees, contractors, practicum students and volunteers of MACL we commit to follow the MACL’s Code of Ethical Conduct. We agree to follow this code because we know that every day we make decisions that affect one another, the families and people we serve and the larger organization. The actions we choose to take as individuals in our roles at MACL reflect on us all and influence how others perceive our organization. Our Code guides our everyday conduct as we work toward MACL’s Vision and Mission.

Download full Code of Ethical Conduct