CARF_CA_GoldSealServices provided by MACL have been accredited under CARF International since 2005. CARF is an accrediting body whose mission is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that center on enhancing the lives of persons served and their families. Our most recent survey was conducted in April, 2013. Over the course of three days, four surveyors observed our MACL practices, reviewed documentation, noted our many areas of strength and suggested ways to improve our MACL operations and service delivery.

Here is a summary of their findings:

“On balance, MACL has exerted considerable time and talent during the past year to address concerns of its funding sources and to come into fuller conformance to the CARF standards. The leadership and staff are recognized for addressing areas of past concern with openness and a readiness to not just fix things, but excel wherever possible. The level of pride and excitement was palpable. All recommendations were readily accepted. The organization has the trust and confidence of persons served, families, and funding sources in its efforts to provide high quality services to children, youths, and adults with disability in its community. It is viewed as person centered, respectful and a real advocate for persons served. MACL uses a collaborative approach in working with its stakeholders and community partners as it strives for excellence. Mission Association for Community Living has earned a Three-Year Accreditation. It is congratulated on the measures taken over the past year to improve and enhance its services amid challenging changes in the organization. The organization is encouraged to continue to take measures that contribute to its continuous improvement and to use CARF standards to guide quality service delivery.” (CARF Survey Report, April, 2013)

To read the full survey report, please click the following link: CARF 2013 Survey Report